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Alla riscoperta di antichi sapori
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  Trasimeno 2013   A warm welcome, cordiality, good homemade cooking and a spectacular panoramic view over Lake Trasimeno. Mix these ingredients together and you will get "IL CASALE", a restaurant housed in an elegant farmhouse, typical of the Umbrian countryside of Paciano.... Read more (in Italian)

  I Viaggi di Repubblica  

"The exquisite food, drink and countryside of Il Casale restaurant by Alain Denis" n°529 4 December 2008

IL PARADISO dello star bene, la piacevolezza totale, non è sempre nel posto più costoso. Ovviamente è soggettivo, c'è chi ama il lusso, ma vorrei parlarvi di cocooning goloso, dove l'atmosfera, il paesaggio, la gente, la cucina e il vino vi procurano gradevole benessere... Read more (in Italian)

  Famiglia Cristiana  

"The gently rolling hills of culture" no. 33 19 August 2007

Paciano cooking is also Trasimeno cooking, owing something to both the Umbrian tradition and the Tuscan tradition. Beginning with the bruschetta, made with bread ... Read more (in Italian)

ITALY “the magazine for lovers of all things Italian”
  ITALY   Issue 14 Apr/May 2004

Panoramic terrace with view of Lake Trasimeno. Traditional typical Umbrian cuisine... Read more (in Italian)

The Federation of Italian Cooks
  Federazione italiana cuochi   Constituted in 1978 by the member Associations (some of which had been founded over 200 years before, having originally been created as brotherhoods, companies or mutual aid organisations for cooks), the FIC was legally recognised in 2001 as an organisation representing Cooks and anyone dedicated to professional culinary activity in Italy, supporting development, promotion and training. The FIC is also the only Italian Cooks Association affiliated with the "World Association of Cooks Societies" (WACS), which represents over 70 National Federations from five continents.

Italian Sommeliers Association
  Associazione Italiana Sommelier   The Training Area of the Italian Sommeliers Association is responsible for everything regarding training, information, refresher courses and cultural analysis for Aspiring Sommeliers and anyone who, having become a full member of the AIS, would like to enrich their understanding of food and drink culture. To fulfil its commitments to its members, the association runs tiered courses over three levels, training seminars and refresher courses, and developments the texts used on the courses. Having become a Sommelier, members can follow additional specialist courses to deepen their understanding of themes relating to communication, wine tasting, food-wine accompaniment, service, course management and so on.


Ristorante Il Casale
Traditional Restaurant
Loc. Cerreto 50, Paciano (PG) 06060 Italia
Tel. e Fax +39 075 830465 - Mob. +39 348 3018414
Email: info@ristoranteilcasale.it
Closed on Wednesdays. Open for lunch and dinner.
Booking recommended..
Let us organise your ceremonies, business lunches and romantic dinners, for traditional cooking, with homemade bread and pasta, all accompanied with a selection of Umbrian and Tuscan wines.
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